TwoToMingle features, Q&A


How do I upload my Photo(s)
There are three ways you can upload photos. From your Home page, click on My Profile at the top menu bar or click View Full Profile  - Also on your homepage click on the tab that says My Photos click Edit in your My Album section to change, delete or upload photos; click Browse then choose your photo file from your computer, then click upload and add more or click save. From your HOME PAGE you can also click on the My Photos tab and follow the process.
Note: *Some photo resolution may not show clearly depending on the photo that you upload, please try to upload photos that are clear so others can see clearly what you look like*.
How do i upload my personal video?
You can follow the same process above to upload photos to upload your video
Click on My Profile or View Full Profile- Then below click on edit in My Video section to upload or delete video.
 How do I edit my profile info/ About Me info and more?
Click on My Profile tab on the top left beside Home and then click where it shows EDIT on any section of your profile that you would like to edit, then click save at the bottom when done.
How do I Report User/ Block User?
Click on Report User from the member's profile page then follow the instructions.
Click on Block User from the member's profile page.
How do I View my Daily Horoscope?
You can view your Horoscope by clicking on your Zodiac symbol on your home page. You can also view other members Horoscope by clicking on their Zodiac symbol when you view their profile page.
How do I choose an icon for my Profile?
You can choose an icon image of your liking to display beside your username on your profile page. To do this click on the My Profile tab at the top, which then takes you to your My Profile Page. Then just to the right of your main photo, click on the button that says Edit My Icon. Then choose your favorite icon from the drop down menu as shown
How do i rotate or crop my photo(s)?
You can rotate your photo(s) by clicking on the My profile tab from your homepage then click on the word EDIT in your My Album section. This will then take you to the edit your photo page, then click on rotate, or to crop your pic just press on the point where you want to start and drag to ending point then click crop
Upgrading Your Membership
By clicking to upgade, you can choose your upgrade package and click UPGRADE to proceed then follow the steps.
How do I Change password/ Username/ Location/ Email or Unsubscribe?
To change your Password, Username, Email Address, Location or to Unsubsrcibe – click on My Account  tab at the top right of your page
and follow the instructions.
How does these pages features work?
Who Rated Me:
This page displays people who have viewed your profile and gave it a rating.
Quick MSG Received:
This page displays your quick message inbox, when someone sends you a quick message it will show here
Who Likes Me:
This page displays members who have viewed your profile, like what they saw and has added you to their Like List
Who's Online Now:
This page displays all members who are currently online- you can choose what age category profiles you want to view.
Profile Search:
This page displays all members currently online and offline- you can Search by age group, what country or area you would like to view profiles from.
My Views:
This page displays members who you have already viewed their profile.
Note: No matter how many times you view a person’s profile in one day – it only shows as one view.
Quick Messages:
You can send members a quick message, just click on the quick message tab and choose your message
Who Viewed Me:
This page displays all members that have viewed your profile.
Note: No matter how many times someone views your profile in one day- it will only show as one view.
My Favorite:
This You can save and add a member profile to your favorites list. Just click add to favorite tab on the user's profile page