As much as we love to see you mingle, meet and connect with someone. Your safety is very important to us as well here at We want you to enjoy a safe online community meeting/socializing with others and building meaningful connections.

Here are some tips for safety and to avoid scams:

•Never give out personal information to anyone. Emails, phone numbers, home address, etc.

•Do not entertain anyone offering services of selling anything or soliciting.

•Do not give out bank or credit card info to anyone

• We recommend communicating on the site for a while before you meet. Talk about stuff, ask questions. Take time to get to know the person.

• Be very careful when meeting with someone in person, always choose a public place to meet. Do Not meet anyone in private or secluded area, choose a place where lots of people are.

•Refuse offers to pick you up or drop you off. Use your own means of transportation.

•Ensure someone knows where you're going and who your with

•Never practice going home with someone on the first day or accept any offer for a ride home or to anywhere.

• REMEMBER, you are at your own risk if you choose to ignore these tips and take chances.